This big bulky tote bag can carry a lot of stuff, and a lot of weight! The handles are riveted between a double layer of Zell.Stoff, which gives the bag its bulky shape and lifting capacity (resilient up to 10 kg). It is closed by a small flap with a press button. With the soft textile straps the bag is very comfortable to carry. Vegan bag, washable at 40°.  Size  ca. 40 x 39 x 16 cm.
Also available with leather straps, see below.

BOLLE as a beach bag – In this variant BOLLE has longer handles so you can wear it over the shoulder. The handles are 20mm wide and about 55 cm long (please note: with smaller persons, the bag will touch the ground when carrying it by hand).

Textile Straps 20mm (80% VI-PES 20% PP, cotton look), about 40 cm long (=standard), in beach bag variant the handles are 55 cm long. Colours: brown -TxBr | grey -TxGr | orange -TxOrg | pink -TxPk | red -TxRt | black -TxSc | turquoise -TxTrk

Item n° 
sand  zs.44.1-Tx…  |  khaki  zs.44.2-Tx…  |  chocolate  zs.44.3-Tx…  |  anthracite  zs.44.4-Tx…  | stone  zs.44.5-Tx…

Please note: we offer standard combinations that will be on stock and therefore will have short delivery times. All other colour combinations will take longer to produce.

Leather Handles
Leather handles 20mm, colours: dark brown -LdBr, grey -LdGr, black -LdSc

Item n°  (standard combinations Jan. 18)
sand  zs.44.1-LdBr  |  khaki  zs.44.2-LdGr  |  chocolate  zs.44.3-LdSc  |  anthracite  zs.44.4-LdGr  | stone  zs.44.5-LdSc