FELIX We developed FELIX out of our top seller FRITZ.

It is slightly bigger, has a depth of 7 cm, and on the inside it has two large extra compartments and a snap hook for attaching keys. Like FRITZ, this backpack can be converted into a shoulder bag very easily, just by pulling the straps. Use it like a backpack for biking or as a shoulder bag on your shopping tours, FELIX is converted in no time at all!

Size    30/ 37 x 42 (h) x 7 cm



We offer this backpack one-coloured:

… and also two-coloured:

textile straps 20mm (80% VI-PL 20% PP) in cotton look, colours: brown -TxBr, grey -TxGr, black -TxSc

Item n° one-coloured
sand   zs.22.1-TxBr  |  khaki   zs.22.2-TxGr  |  chocolate   zs.22.3-TxBr  |  anthracite   zs.22.4-TxGr  |  stone   zs.22.5-TxSc

Item n° two-coloured (standard combinations Jan. 18)
sand-chocolate   zs.22.1-TxBr  |  khaki-anthracite   zs.22.2-TxGr  |  chocolate-stone   zs.22.3-TxBr  |  anthracite-khaki   zs.22.4-TxGr  |  stone-anthracite   zs.22.5-TxSc