In these cases your glasses are well kept! They get stability by the clever folding of the material – all sides consist of double-layered paper, so the glasses won´t be damaged in your bag. A coloured, flexible strap makes sure that everything stays inside. Size S and M.

Zell.Stoff:   -1 sand/ -2 khaki/ -3 chocolate/ -4 anthracite/ -5 stone
Elastic band Ø 3mm (April 2018): grey -GkGr/ night blue -GkNbl/ orange -GkOrg/ pink -GkPk/ red -GkRt/ turquoise -GkTrk
The choice of colours may differ

Size S  for reading glasses    16 x 5 x 1,5 cm |  Item n°  zs.16S

Size M  for normal glasses and sunglasses    16 x 6 x 2,5 cm |  Item n°  zs.16M