Your perfect companion for every day! Large tote with a detachable shoulder strap (length ca. 100 cm). With a useful inside compartment, closure by a small flap with press button. Handles and shoulder strap are available either in leather or – as a vegan version – as textile straps in cotton look.

Size    ca. 37 x 39 x 14 cm

Leather Straps
Leather 20mm: colours: brown -LdBr/ grey -LdGr/ black -LdSc

Item n° (standard combinations)
sand   zs.25.1-LBr  |  khaki   zs.25.2-LBr  |  chocolate   zs.25.3-LSc  |  anthracite   zs.25.4-LGr  |  stone   zs.25.5-LSc

Textile Straps (surcharge):
handles 40mm, shoulder strap (adjustable) 20mm (80%Polyester/ 20% Viskose) in cotton look,
colours: brown -TxBr/ grey -TxGr/ black -TxSc/ dark grey -TxDgrRec (43% recycled cotton)

Item n° (standard combinations)
sand   zs.25.1-TxGr  |  khaki   zs.25.2-TxBr  |  chocolate   zs.25.3-TxBr  |  anthracite   zs.25.4-TxGr  |  stone   zs.25.5-TxSc

Variant in “Elephant Skin”