The Munich-based architect Ute Linck Borys already has ten years of experience with design and production of bags and accessories, when in spring 2015, on her permanent search for new materials, she discovers the water-resistant craft paper made in Germany. She names this material “Zell.Stoff” and develops a new collection of bags and pouches under the label “like paper bags”. In July 2015 she presents this paper bag collection at the Munich TRENDSET fair fort he first time.
Just like with the linckx.® felt products, all of the articles are designed and manufactured in Germany

From large tote bags to small iPad-sleeves – the “like paper bags” are new, stirring and trendy!

“Made in Germany”

This is what we can guarantee for our „Zell.Stoff“ products well and truly.
The bags are made by hand, partly in small sewing factories in the East and North of Germany, and also in our Munich studio, where we also work on the designs and prototypes. …das können wir für alle Produkte guten Gewissens garantieren! Die Taschen werden von Hand hergestellt, zum Teil in kleinen Manufakturen in Sachsen, wo seit einigen Jahren auch unsere linckx.® Filzprodukte gefertigt werden, und einer Behindertenwerkstatt in Kiel. Den anderen Teil stellen wir in unserer Münchner Manufaktur her, wo wir auch die Designs und neue Produkte entwickeln.

The craft paper is produced in Germany, the accessoires come mainly from Germany, Italy and Austria. With material and production from Germany, we provide short ways of communication and transportation, which also means great flexibility and short delivery times!



By short transportation routes we are saving CO². Also we don´t have extra paper or plastic packaging for our single items. For shipping we use cardboard boxes that we collect from stores close by, and reapply as often as possible.


„Fair Trade“

All persons and companies that are involved in the manufacturing process are paid for their work fairly and adequately. Also for the accessories and parts we are doing our best to make sure that the products are manufactured under fair conditions.