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Purses and Cases

JAMES Pouch/ Clutch

JAMES 3 anthraVt 3_1200
JAMES 3 anthra-DK 2_1200
JAMES 3 khaki 1_1200
JAMES 3 khaki 3_1200
JAMES 3 schokoVt-DkS 1-R10Sc_1200

JAMES can be used as a clutch or bag-in-bag, for storing cosmetics or computer accessories, as a book cover or travel folder. You can tie a strap (extra) through the eyelets on the back, so it becomes a shoulder bag. Closure with press stud.

Size approx. 30 x 17 x 2 cm


DONALD sand-GuRt 2x_1200
DONALD sand-GuAv 4_1200
DONALD anthra-GuAv 1_1200
DONALD anthra 3_1200
DONALD anthra 5_1200

This simple, flat wallet offers everything you need - with compartments for banknotes, coins and 6+ cards. Closure with a colored elastic band that is placed around the back.

Size 16 x 10 cm


DAISYzwei schoko 1_1200
DAISY schoko-R5Sc_1200
DAISYzwei 5x_1_1200
DAISYzwei anthraVT 1a_1200
DAISYzwei anthraVt 2_1200
DAISYzwei anthraVT 3_1200

Large purse DAISY has a banknote and note compartment and slots for 8+ cards. The coin compartment with zipper is placed on the back. Secure closure with the metal buckle.

Size 22 x 10 x 1 cm


GALEA_S anthraVt-RvGr 1_1200
GALEA_S anthraVt-RvGr 2_1200
GALEA-S schoko-RvTrk Möwen 1_1200
GALEA-S stone-RvOrg Anker 1_1200

Small cosmetics case with colored zipper and a D-ring to hang in or on the handbag. And when it gets dirty, you simply put it in the washing machine (up to 60 °).

18/21 (B) x 13 (H) x 6 cm

LOOX Glasses Cases

LOOX_M khaki-GkRt 3_1000
LOOX_S sand-GkOrg 1_1000
LOOX_S sand-GkOrg 2_1000
LOOX_S sand-GkOrg 3_1000

Glasses cases in two sizes. By the clever folding of the material, all surfaces are two-ply, so the case is not so easily crushed in the pocket. Closure with colored elastic cord.

Size S approx. 16 x 5 x 1-2 cm
Size M approx. 16 x 6 x 2,5 cm

CXRUISER Travel Organizer

CRUISER_sand offen_1200
CRUISER_sand-GuGr 1_1200
CRUISER_sand-khaki offen_1200
CRUISER_schoko offen_1200

This folder in size DIN A5 compartments for passports, documents and cards, so all documents are easy to find and safely stowed away when traveling. It is closed with a colored rubber band and is designed so that nothing can fall out.

Size 16 x 23 cm

MAX  Minibörse

MAX sand 3x_1200
MAX sand 4_1200
MAX sand 1_1200
MAX sand 2_1200
MAX sand 3_1200

MAX passt in jede Hosentasche! Die Minibörse aka Kartenetui hat vorne ein Fach für Münzen, dahinter Platz für Geldscheine oder ca. 5 Karten. Auf der Unterseite ist ein weiteres Fach für ca. 5 Karten, beide Fächer werden mit einem Druckknopf geschlossen.

Size approxa. 10 x 7 cm