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BOLLE  Transporter

BOLLE sand-TxBr 1a_1200
BOLLE sand-TxRt Model_1200
BOLLE koralle-TxTrk 1_900
BOLLE anthra-LdGr 1_1200
BOLLE am strand_900

This tote can carry a lot! The handles are riveted on both sides, which gives the bag its bulky shape and stability. It can be closed by a flap with a push button. The textile handles (vegan) are available in various colors. Max. load up to approx. 10 kg.

Available as shopping bag with shorter handles (approx. 42 cm length) or as shoulder bag with longer handles (approx. 57 cm).

40 (B) x 40 (H) x 14 (T) cm

CARRIE.M Messenger Bag

CARRIE-M anthra-schokoVT 3a_900
CARRIE-M khaki-stone Model
CARRIE-M khaki-stone 4_1200
CARRIE-M stone-anthra 2_1200
CARRIE-M stone-anthra 4_1200
CARRIE-M zimt-anthraVT 1_1200

CARRIE in size M is slightly larger than DIN A4 landscape format. You can also carry it on your back, similar to a backpack, when the belt is attached in a different way. The flap with twist lock can be closed in two positions. Inside there is an extra compartment with zipper, a pen holder and a lanyard with carabiner.

approx. 30/37 (W) x 25 (H) x 7 cm

AKIRA Shoulder Bag

AKIRA sand-TxGr-RvAnt 1_1200
AKIRA sand-TxGr-RvAnt 2a_900
AKIRA khaki-Model 1_900
AKIRA anthra-TxDgRec 1_1200
AKIRA stone-TxDgr 2_1200
AKIRA stone-TxDgr 3a_1200

This casual shoulder bag with its crinkles attracts everyone's attention! A4 format documents fit inside, inside it has an extra compartment with a pen holder and a lanyard with a snap hook. Available with leather or textile handles (vegan), length approx. 60 cm.

38/36 (B) x 27 (H) x 12 cm

CARRIE.L Messenger Bag

CARRIE stone-anthra 1a_1200
CARRIE anthra Model 1_1200
CARRIE anthra-anthra 4a_1200
CARRIE anthra-anthra 3_1200
CARRIE khaki-stone 5a_1200
CARRIE sand 1a_1200
CARRIE sand 3_1200

A lot fits in here! And this large shoulder bag can also be carried on the back, similar to a backpack, but it is quicker to put it on and take it off. The flap with twist lock can be closed in two positions. Inside it has two flat extra compartments, a pen holder and a lanyard with a snap hook.

approx. 30/37 (w) x 39 (h) x 7 cm

PALOMA Weekender

PALOMA schoko-TxBr 1_1200
Model NY2_farbe_900
PALOMA anthra-TxGr 2a_1200
PALOMA stone-TxGr 1_1200

The perfect companion for a weekend trip! A weekender that can of course also be used for bulk shopping, as a business bag or as a beach bag. With a large inner compartment, lanyard with snap hook and a solid double bottom with rivets. You can choose various color combinations of Zell.Stoff and textile straps - everything is possible from gaudy to subtle!

40/54 (w) x 40 (h) x 16 cm


CARRIE-S koralle-TxDgRec 3_900
CARRIE-S Model 1_1200
CARRIE-S Model 2_1200
CARRIE-S zimt-TxGr 1_1200

CARRIE.S can be worn on the hips or simply "cross body". It offers a surprisingly big storage space and has a flat extra compartment inside, it´s just perfect e.g. for vacation and leisure! Flap with a twist lock. The strap can be removed, so it can also be used as a clutch.

approx. 25/28 (w) x 16 (h) x 5 cm